Elopement Session costa rica

Jeremy & Johanna Elopement Session in Costa Rica is one of those days I want to live again, and again and again.
They are that kind of person you connect with immediately, humble with a beautiful heart

We did their elopement in one of the moodiest waterfalls in Costa Rica. The first time I was there I felt to be in Jurassic Park. It is interesting that only takes 20min regular walk to get to the actual waterfall, something rare to find in Costa Rica
It rained just a few minutes after we started, and of course, that didn't stop us. There is no barrier for the real adventurous souls

At the end of the session, they jumped to the lake, it was not part of the plan tho, but you know what they said, SOMETIMES THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE UNPLANNED

This Costa Rica Elopement was also featured on Wandering Weddings

Photographer: Javier Mendez

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elopement in Costa Rica
how to elope in Costa Rica

what does it mean to elope

In elopement, you skip the formal wedding ceremony in favor of an impromptu ceremony. There is no need to run away secretly with your partner without telling anyone.

There is still a misconception about elopements that some people hold. If you don't want a traditional wedding, this is an interesting way to celebrate your union. If you feel like a traditional wedding is not for you, you can plan to elope with your partner.

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