You’ve decided to have an Epic Elopement Adventure, Congratulations!

Eloping is an excellent way to get married in Costa Rica!

This How to Elope in Costa Rica Guide will help you to meet your expectations.

If wedding planning, coordinating, and balancing sound like a nightmare, then consider planning this important day around what makes you truly happy — hiking, nature, sweet mountain air, beach vibes, and sharing an epic day with the person you love. Our how-to elopes in Costa Rica Guide will help you to achieve all of that.

Costa Rica offers you so many beautiful places where you can elope and meet your expectations. You can choose between a waterfall, a volcano view, a lovely sunset, a forest, rivers natural parks, and mountains.

Imagine exchanging vows with a mountain at your back. Making a soft forest path your aisle. Sharing your first kiss with the sound of a waterfall near you It’s all possible with an elopement. You will find all needed in this Guide.

why costa rica

Costa Rica elopement guide
Costa Rica elopement guide
Costa Rica elopement guide

Stunning scenery

Natural Resources

Adventures of Epic Scale

Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, so eloping here is a great idea. The country is filled with natural beauty, from rainforests to volcanoes! Ideal destination for couples who want to explore the outdoors and see the jaw-dropping natural beauty of Central America.

You will also find an incredible diversity of wildlife among the scenery. There are so many different species and animals to see in Costa Rica, from tiny hummingbirds to agile spider monkeys!

Adventures like zip lining, scuba diving, hiking, bungee jumping, and horseback riding are plentiful in Costa Rica! Such a perfect elopement destination for couples looking for a unique experience on their wedding day.

Sit down and take some time to figure out the types of locations that really speak to you and your partner, and find a location that matches that. Do you two go hiking in the mountains frequently? A waterfall could be perfect for your Costa Rica elopement. Or do you find yourself craving rugged beaches and salty waves? Guanacaste has some of the best oceanside spots in the country. While you’re usually not renting out a traditional venue when you choose to elope, the thought you give to your location is just as important. Please take your time to see all the locations we recommend thought the guide

Carefully Consider Which Elopement Location in Costa Rica You Want


best tips on how to elope in Costa Rica
Costa Rica elopement guide

- Fortuna Waterfall
- La Paz
- Rio Celeste Waterfall
- Llanos del Cortes Waterfall (our favorite)
- Rio Agrio Waterfall
- Nauyaca Waterfall

- Monteverde
- San Gerardo de Dota

- La Fortuna

Costa Rica elopement guide
best beaches to elope in Costa Rica

- Tamarindo
- Santa Teresa
- Manuel Antonio
- Golfo Papagayo
- Nosara
- Bahia Ballena
- Montezuma
- Conchal (our favorite)




Legal ceremony

Symbolic ceremony

People will find that Costa Rica's legal marriage process is more straightforward than in many other countries!

One month before your elopement date, you will need to fill out an application and send scanned copies of your passports. For a marriage to be legal, you must have an officiant. This can be a judge or lawyer.

Two witnesses are required as well, and your officiant will file your marriage license after the ceremony!

When it comes to legal elopes, we highly recommend you a wedding planner. He/She will give you all the trusted contacts needed so you can have a relax process with the paper work

A Symbolic ceremony is the simplest way to marry for an elopement.
Choose a place. It can be anywhere

Rent an apartment, Villa, airbnb or booked with a hotel near the location you chose.

Since a symbolic ceremony is not legally recognized, you can choose to use a celebrant to officiate your wedding or simply exchange vows. I would say about 70% of couples I’ve helped elope abroad have decided on a symbolic ceremony. It is the easiest and most straightforward way to get married. If you want to have a nice tropical ceremony altar or bouquet, we recommend you to booked a wedding planner

Costa Rica elopement guide


It is always warm here in Costa Rica, but its rainforest ecosystem means there's a lot of rain! This is what you can expect throughout the year, and what to keep in mind when planning your Costa Rica elopement.

Winter in Costa Rica

Winter is the most popular time of year for tourists to visit Costa Rica. From December through March, people flock to Costa Rica to escape the cold weather of other parts of the northern hemisphere! It is also Costa Rica's driest season.

Spring in Costa Rica

Costa Rica's spring is beautiful. It's still quite dry until the rains arrive in May. Hiking becomes more pleasant as the weather cools down.

Summer in Costa Rica

This country has a warm climate year-round, but the summers are usually pretty humid. The humidity makes showers common. There are fewer people around, so you can elope for some privacy!


Rainy weather dominates the fall until late November, when it starts to let up. The Caribbean side of Costa Rica has its driest months in September and October, so depending on your elopement location, fall can be a great season to elope!

Costa Rica elopement guide

The Dress

Lighter dresses - choose lightweight, thinner fabrics that will be more breathable. Dresses in the style of a sundress or a shorter dress will be great for elopements on the beach that are more casual! You should generally choose styles with loose skirts, so that you can move, hike, and explore easily.

Costa Rica elopement guide

The Shoes

Definitely wear hiking boots if you're hiking! Make sure your footwear is comfortable, breathable, and will protect you from the terrain when you elope. Also you can elope barefoot on the beach! When you get new shoes, be sure to break them in - nothing is worse than getting a blister.

Costa Rica elopement guide

The Suit

A full suit might be too hot in Costa Rica! Dress pants and a nice shirt are recommended, but skipping the jacket may be more feasible.



As a Costa Rica Elopement Photographer I could said that one of the most important tips is to remember to dress for the occasion. If you’re planning on having an adventurous hiking elopement in the mountains, consider a lightweight dress that packs easy and can be rolled up. Wear the right footwear and pack items that prepare you for the weather. Mountains & waterfalls can be deceiving when it comes to the elements

let's summarize all we have seen in this costa rica elopement guide

Your checklist

Choose a Location


Finding the right spot for your Costa Rica elopement is one of the most exciting parts of the process! There are rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, mountains, and some of the most epic tropical scenery you can imagine.

Pick a date


Decide on a date for your Costa Rica elopement after learning about the weather and crowds!

Travel and accommodation bookings


By doing this early on, you can reduce your stress and ensure you get the best deals! Find a place to stay near your elopement location.

Book your other vendors


Please feel free to contact me if you need to find a Costa Rica elopement planner, and of course if you want to know more about elopement packages in Costa Rica

Costa Rica elopement guide


Costa Rica elopement guide

how to elope in costa rica: FINAL THOUGHT

Costa Rica elopement guide

Think of your favorite things together as a couple, and find ways to incorporate them into your day. A good recommendation's creating a playlist together and having it play throughout the day through a little portable speaker
Simple plans unforgettable experience!!!

This is your day to do exactly what you want to do. I always encourage couples to personalize their experience to have it really be all about them. Consider writing letters to read to each other.


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