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costa rica elopement packages

Costa Rica elopement packages-photography


Our favorite thing about elopements is how intimate they are. They allow you to enjoy yourselves without worrying about anyone else. It deserves to be captured beautifully.

Our Costa Rica Elopement Packages covers everything from adventure elopements to just a couple hours at sunset.

It would be an honor to photograph your elopement in paradise. It have been years specializing in destination weddings

Now take a look to our Costa Rica Elopement Packages





Elopement Documentary

Costa Rica elopement packages-photography
Costa Rica elopement packages-photographer
Costa Rica elopement packes

2h of Session

3h of Session

4h of Session

From all our elopement packages, with this one I can capture your getting ready moments and take you to some amazing spots nearby.

Let's go exploring and finding the perfect spots for your elopement photos during the day. If possible, we'll go to a second location nearby

Whether you want us to choose the location or the one you already have, we'll do it. You can read our article Elopement Costa Rica Guide if you need suggestions.

Price: $1500

Price: $1850

Price: $2200

Costa Rica-wedding-photographer-elopement

Epic love in

an epic place


Count on me as your guide on your wedding in Costa Rica


choosing the right photographer

Costa Rica elopement packages-prices-photography-la-fortuna-arenal

In my wedding experience as a costa rican elopement photographer, I can tell you that skimping on a photographer is definitely something you should not do.

Costa Rica is a gorgeous place to visit, but if you're unfamiliar with how to shoot there, it can be tricky.

You want someone who knows the area so well that you can feel comfortable relaxing and having the most fun, stress-free, adventure-filled day you deserve!

There's more to me than just being a photographer. I can be your travel companion, wedding planner, pack mule, friend, and much more.

Together, let's create something amazing that will fulfill your wildest elopement day dreams.

your elopement is not just about photos

"You should make your elopement day a dream day with your new spouse. That's what we did! Javier was all about making the day about US and not anyone else's expectations."

Your wedding experience matters

- Lucie & Marcos


Read our guide how to elope in costa rica

Costa Rica elopement packages-photography

Would be convenient for you to read our guide how to elope in Costa Rica. Here are some topic we talk about and give you the best recommendations:

1. Places to Elope in Costa Rica
2. When to Elope
3. What to Wear
4. Legal or Symbolic Ceremony

5. Why Costa Rica

read the guide

Costa Rica elopement packages-photography

we hope our elopement packages are a great fit for you


1.Pick the location

2.pick me

3.choose the right package for you



Can you recommend a trusted videographer for my costa rica elopement

how far in advance should i book with you?

The sooner the better! If you want to have a video call to know me better or talk about the Costa Rica elopement packages we can totally do it

Count with that! Having a professional video of your special day is also great. You will never regret to add a videographer in your Costa Rica Elopement Packages

what if the weather is bad on the day of the event?

Can we add extra time to any of the Costa Rica elopement packages

I always tell my couples to embrace the weather regardless of the conditions! Especially in Costa Rica, you just never know what to expect. One day, it might rain, the next, it might be sunny.

The weather can be crazy, but it can also produce beautiful and unique pictures! In really bad weather In that case, we will reschedule. Extra charge won't apply doesn't matter the elopement packages you chose

Yes!, of course. This day is all about you. Tell me your plans, expectations, how many places you want to visit and I will personalize the right Costa Rica elopement packages for you

do you travel around the country for elopements?

Yes I do! Costa Rica is a small but beautiful place, I could say I have been in all the areas for elopements. Also we don't charge any extra travel fee, the Costa Rica packages prices won't change because of locations.

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