Costa Rica elopement photographer photographing a couple during their photo session, illustrating a good personal connection

Hello from the scenic vistas of Costa Rica, where I master the art of capturing love stories with a camera! I’m not just any wedding photographer; I’m your personal historian, inspired by my family’s love for those thick, dusty photo albums that help us remember Uncle Bob's funky dance moves.

My artistic eye is a bit old-school, heavily influenced by the timeless charm of film photography. Imagine the soft, dreamy textures of vintage prints—yeah, that’s my jam! Music from the golden era, the untamed beauty of nature, and genuine human smiles are what drive my creativity. It's all about weaving these elements into snapshots that scream (or elegantly whisper) timeless elegance.

wedding photographer Costa Rica

Cat person, coffee fanatic, and a professional third wheel on your big day—that’s me! I revel in the simple joys, whether it's sipping the perfect brew or laughing with friends until our stomachs hurt. It's these moments of joy and authenticity that I chase with my camera.

My mission? To bottle up all the laughter, tears, and bad dance moves of your wedding day into gorgeous, emotional photos that bring out the best in you. Each image crafted under my lens is designed to teleport you back to those happy moments, with every detail vivid enough to make you smell your wedding bouquet again.

So, if you're looking for someone who can turn your wedding moments into a mix of elegant magazine covers and those fun snaps that make you giggle, I'm your photographer!

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Javier Mendez is a Costa Rica Wedding specialized in destination wedding and elopements with more than a decade of experience