From a very young age, I was drawn to the film look of old photos from my childhood. The nostalgic beautiful look of those prints brings me back to all the emotions I lived through those days.

In no time, I realized how time flies and the importance of living each chapter of my life to the fullest while documenting those memories in photographs.

As soon as finished high school, my grandma and my older brother gifted me a camera. Best and most important gifted someone has ever given me.

I started taking photos of my friends, and a few days after I upload those photos, people from my town saw them and requested me to take their families' portraits.


I do not just take photos, I create unique stories that will stay with my couples for the rest of their lives. Stories that are candid, emotional, romantic, timeless, and most of all – authentic. Tears and laughter, melancholy, and exhilarating joy are all part of life. Just like there is no light without shade and no sound without silence. My job is to observe, to trust my gut, to put in unique effort and pay attention to the tiniest detail so that an exceptional tales can be brought to life.

Your story – through my work. Sometimes light, sometimes moody, sometimes unpredictably touching…

Costa Rica wedding photographer
wedding photographer in ocotal Guanacaste Costa Rica

Facts about me

1. I'm passionate about music. This is one of my biggest inspirations to create beautiful photographs, The music from movies like Interstellar, Avatar, and Lord of the Rings gives the motivation to create photographs that feel timeless

2. Even tho I love classic music, I listen to all genres, and I mean ALL OF THEM. I could be listening to Kendrick Lamar, the next song could be hips don't lie by Shakira, then Aerosmith, then Amy Winehouse (RIP the Queen of Jazz and soul)

3. I cannot imagine my home without cats (I have rescued so many, yay!)

4. I'm a coffee lover. I must have coffee at least 3 times per day. If I miss my afternoon coffee cup, I will have a headache (weird right?)


So, this is a big apart of my life

If you feel connection with our work, and you think we are a good fit, send me a message or fill up the form and tell me your story. I would love to hear it all.