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Costa Rica elopement photography
Costa Rica elopement photographer

a passionate traveler, just like you

About me, well I am a laid-back and introverted dude but love to see people having fun, being silly, and partying up.

In my opinion, genuine people are the best. Feeling free and being yourself is one of the most satisfying things in the world and we all deserve that!

I have this rare gift of making others feel comfortable around me. The coolest part is, I have no idea how I do it, just read the reviews where couples rave about it.

I guess I just want everyone to be happy and have an amazing time at their wedding in Costa Rica

couple photoshoot in the beach
elopement photos in Costa Rica

There is something about fashion/editorial look that I love a little bit. My photos reflect this because I want everyone to look good in them. Authenticity and elegance must be balanced

Costa Rica wedding photographer
elopement photos in Costa Rica
elopement photos in Costa Rica

A piece of advice, please hire a reliable wedding photographer, this is the big day, you need the right photographer! If you choose price over quality, you will regret it forever.

I know I know, the cost of a wedding is high. However, having a professional wedding photographer is essential.

Don't let social media photos fool you. Request complete galleries from all the photographers you are considering. There are a lot of details you should pay attention to. But what is really important is to observe what the couple shows in their photos. How do they look during the photo shoot? Do they seem to be enjoying themselves? Or, can you feel they’re awkward? That is the secret to choosing wisely

elopement photos in Costa Rica
elopement photos in Costa Rica

I am a simple guy who took a camera and ended up loving photography. Having shooting weddings for ten years has been one of the most important parts of my life, and I will be forever grateful for it

The look

My style is classic, elegant, and joyful. Color palettes and surroundings are considered in advance. Photography is all about light, so I always make sure to use the best light and colors possible. My process for editing photos is unique as it combines cinematic, fine art, and natural colors with a soft warm tone. I want a beautiful edited but also keep the essential colors of Costa Rica. My stomach turns up when I see some photographers making Costa Rica's beautiful green appear orange and yellow in their photos

elopement photos in Costa Rica
elopement photos in Costa Rica
elopement photos in Costa Rica

my approach

A photographer's work isn't just about taking high-quality photos, but also about how they make their couples feel during the process. Everything must be flawless and consistent, right from the first interaction to the final deliverables.

My goal is to capture the real you, the inner person you are. That’s the beauty of a photograph. Have you ever wondered why we all love our childhood photos so much? We are reminded of a time when we were authentic and happy, free from stress. Now let's capture genuine moments from your wedding day to create the same feeling

elopement photos in Costa Rica
elopement photos in Costa Rica

costa rica elopement photographer

I admire couples who elope. Don't overthink! Take action! When you've considered eloping, it's a strong sign that you should go ahead with it. There are many amazing places in Costa Rica where you can make a symbolic or legal ceremony or just exchange beautiful and thoughtful vows. You can read our How to Elope Guide in Costa Rica to do it properly.


There have been a lot of elopements in the mountains, whether it is Arenal with its beautiful views or Monteverde with its wild rainforest.


Many adventurous couples have chosen waterfalls for their elopements with our assistance. From moody waterfalls to ones with light blue water


Where we love to be at. Costa Rica has around 600 beaches, and we've been to the most beautiful ones for weddings and elopements

elopement photos in elopement photos in Costa Rica


My work has been featured in Junebug Weddings, The Howler Costa Rica Magazine, Goodlight Presets, Wandering Weddings, Mywedd, Fearless photographers, and Wedding Wire.

Apparently, fearlessphotographers.com said I am the #1 wedding photographer in Costa Rica. Well, thank you, that feels good. However, my focus is never to be the best or the most famous one, I just want to enjoy what I do and give all of my wonderful couples a great experience

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I spent a lot of my vacations traveling! You probably know that the moment you travel, you will never be able to go back. Freedom and the opportunity to learn about other cultures are amazing. Destination weddings aren't something I shoot often, but I do consider them during the low season here (August-October). It takes a lot of time to travel for weddings, and I don't want to sacrifice my family and personal life, so my main focus is Costa Rican weddings.

elopement photos in Costa Rica
elopement photos in Costa Rica
elopement photos in Costa Rica

final thought

The photographer's work should be something you love as much as you love your wedding dress - someone you value when choosing creative partners, It will influence how your memories turn out.

Be present at the moment, don't plan too much that you miss out on the fun; it's your day, and don't let others influence you. This is the best day of your life—party that way.

kind words

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"The pictures are amazing! You are the best elopement photographer we've ever seen!

Great job! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience"

"We could not be happier with our decision to hire Javier for our Costa Rica wedding. He is extremely talented and possesses a rare gift of being able to capture the emotion behind the very moment. His demeanor allowed us to relax and let all of the joy and excitement we were feeling shine through. Our wedding photos are stunning."

- Jessica & Jason

- Matt & Meghan

Costa Rica-wedding-photographer-elopement
wedding photography Guanacaste

"While the experience was beyond my expectations (which are already very high), the photos blew me away! I got the photos I had only dreamed of and created memories I won’t soon forget. I can not recommend Javier Mendez enough!"

"Had chosen Javier as our wedding photographer was one of the best decision! Great vision, amazing way to made us felt comfortable in front of the camera and I am a very shy person. EXCELLENT WORK! Thank you so much for all!"

- Johanna & Andy

- Esteban & Grettel

Costa Rica-wedding-photographer-elopement
Costa Rica wedding photographer

"OUTSTANDING. Javi did both our engagement and wedding photos and we couldn’t be happier with the results. More importantly, Javi and his team listen very well to what we were looking for. We did not have any previous experience with a professional photographer before and we were kind of nervous about the photo shoot, and Javi made sure we were comfortable and cover every detail. The final results exceeded our expectations and it’s amazing to have those memories forever."

"Thank you, Javi for your art, patience, and amazing work. We are so happy with our wedding photos"

- Daniela & Andreu

- Roberto & Alejandra

Trust is essential to any relationship

If you see life the way I do, let's work together!

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