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Costa Rica Wedding Photography

Hello again! I am honored that you would like to know more about me. I was born and raised in San Carlos Costa Rica, near to La Fortuna Arenal,  a tourist place you might have heard or plan to visit. I never pictured myself as a wedding photographer, but now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Being a wedding photographer in Costa Rica, I've learned to be patient and empathic, and to enjoy every moment. When it comes to weddings, I can sense the emotions my couples are feeling. It's pretty amazing how much crying and laughing you can do in the same day. Because of those feelings, I've been able to connect with thousands of couples all over the world and tell their stories honestly. Every time you look at your wedding pictures, you should be inspired and fall in love with your life, as what's most important to you will be there.

my deeply inspirations comes from movies, nature and music


I’ve traveled to capture love


i know how it feels to plan something important out of our native country


For me it is essential that all my couples feel confident with my work, personality and process. All of the questions and doubts you have, I understand because I have been there many times. It still scares me every time I have to shoot outside of my comfort zone in Costa Rica.

In the end, it is an unforgettable experience. This is my hope for you as well. Feel free to share your plans, expectations, and I will be there to assist you in any way I can. We will work together to create beautiful memories for your wedding.

Kind words from our wonderful couples

Trust is essential to any relationship

If you see beauty the way I do, let's work together!

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